These flying insects can infest your property, posing dangers to you and your loved ones. Bees are important members of a healthy ecosystem. However, within your property they can be pesky and potentially dangerous pests.

PSP Services Flying Insect Control

Our goal is to implement an ecologically-wise approach to ridding properties of bee colonies, without compromising the bee population. We use only the latest pest control technologies and chemicals. We will always strive to be true to our role as your preferred pest control team in Sydney.

Flying insects, such as bees, look for nesting areas within your property. Once they’ve established a home, it will be hard to remove them from your property.

PSP Services Role

The PSP Services team will employ its extensive know-how and experience to provide you with environmentally friendly and sustainable bee infestation control and prevention. Our strategies and technologies are some of the industry’s tried-and-tested solutions. We always employ the latest techniques and human-safe chemicals.

  • Treatment and control – use of safe chemicals and the latest pest control technologies to rid your property of bee colonies
  • Detection – location of bee colonies and assessment of the severity of infestation