These birds can cause major damage; and expose your team and clients to health risks. Pest birds, such as pigeons and Indian mynas, can be a major problem for businesses.

PSP Services Role

PSP Services provides safe and human bird control solutions for your property or workplace. Some of the services that we render include:
  • Bird netting installation — restricts access to nesting areas
  • Wire bird deterrent systems – prevent bird infiltration and settling by creating insecure landing sites
  • Electric bird deterrent – flexible and virtually invisible solutions to restrict bird access, nesting and the like while guaranteeing the safety of birds

PSP Services Unsurpassed Expertise in Bird Control

Our reputation precedes us. We are considered one of the leading pest control teams in the sustainable and humane control of pest birds. We use some of the industry’s latest technologies, all while guaranteeing that the birds leave unharmed. Our practices comply with animal protection laws and standards in Sydney. Don’t worry if things have gotten out of hand, and birds have infiltrated your property. We offer special customised solutions for these situations. You can count on us to rid your property of pest birds

Nest, fouling and Egg Removal from Solar Panels

Solar panels can become less efficient in a short period of time due to bird droppings, contaminants and other pollutants that have accumulated over time due to the presence of birds. And, no matter how much rain pours over them, they never become truly clean. In fact, rain droplets are known to collect dust and other pollutants – making your situation worse. Our team of experts comes in to clean your solar panels, removing bird nesting, fouling and eggs. Then, we sanitise. To ensure that you don’t suffer from the same problem again, we proof your solar panel to prevent birds entering and roosting.