Your Reputation at Risk

For pre-construction companies, pest infestation is bane to the work you need to do. Make sure your project is pest-free with our help.
  • Damaged reputation
  • Compromised work implementation
  • Loss of clients
  • Decreased revenue

Your Brand in the Public Eye

The integrity of commercial and residential buildings crucial. It is estimated that termites destroy more homes in Australia than all natural disasters combined. Even a building slab built to Australian Standards can sometimes crack, allowing termites to enter your home from beneath, undetected. Our termite protection systems are carried out in accordance to Australian Standard AS 3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management New Building Work and AS 3660.2 – 2000 Termite Management in and Around Existing Buildings. Pest infestation is your worst enemy. And, we are here to ensure that you are able to do your job effectively, without worrying about pests. Our team will provide comprehensive needs assessment, pest control and treatment, as well as prevention and monitoring services.

We Take Time to Understand You

We have a team of experts who specialise in the requirements of pre-construction companies. PSP Services knows the stringent standards and best practices that you need to fulfil. We understand your needs. We also know that each property or project is different. Our approach to your project is always responsive to its unique requirements. This is how we can guarantee the best work, treatment and monitoring for our clients. Talk to us today about your pest control needs. We’d be happy to provide you with a project consultation.