Flying Insects

Their presence exposes you, your loved ones, and employees and clients, to insect-borne diseases. They can ruin your business’ reputation and turn off your customers. Flying insects, such as flies, wasps and bees, are unsightly pests that pose immense health and safety risks when left uncontrolled, even for a short period of time.

PSP Services Control

Flying insects, such as flies, wasps and bees, come with health and safety risks. Once you suspect an infestation, it is ideal to call expert pest control right away.

PSP Services has the necessary experience and expertise to make sure your flying insect infestation in check. We use safe chemicals and state-of-the-art technologies to deter further infestation. Our goal is to keep your property safe.

However, we also implore you to do your part in applying the highest standards or hygiene and sanitation. Flying insects, like flies, are attracted to exposed food and wastes, among others. Make sure your property is clean, and you can expect our pest control solution to work tenfold.

PSP Services Role

The PSP Services team will do everything in its power to control your flying insect infestation. We employ the industry’s tried-and-tested strategies, alongside the latest techniques and human-safe chemicals.

  • Treatment and control – use of safe chemicals and the latest pest control technologies to rid your property of flying insect colonies
  • Detection – location of flying insect colonies and assessment of the severity of infestation