When you suffer from flea infestation, it is ideal to assess, treat and monitor your pest problems right away. The earlier you curtail the problem, the better it is for you, in general

Fleas are some of the worst pest you can have at your home. Not only are these unsightly and unhygienic, they also pose health threats to you, your loved ones and your pests.

PSP Services Role

The PSP Services team does everything in its power to ensure that your property is flea free. We want you, your loved ones and your pets to enjoy clean, hygienic and sanitary exposure.

  • Detection, treatment and control Insecticide treatment of critical areas – control infestation through treatment; provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  • Thorough site inspection – determine the level of flea and other crawling insect infestation and locate their colonies
  • Insect detectors – provide ongoing monitoring for flea infestation

PSP Services Flea and Crawling Insect Solutions

Pests like fleas are harmful and pesky once they create habitats within your property. Rapid assessment and response is key to keeping these pests within your control.

The PSP Services team makes use of specialised bait and glue trapping devises and strategies to assess the severity of your infestation. Once we know how much work that needs to be done, we come in with our recommendations and solutions.