Businesses usually spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage caused by these pests. They wreak havoc on property and pose potential safety risks for you, your employees and clients. Termites are some of the most destructive pests around. They can destroy and lessen the value of your property overtime.

PSP Services Comprehensive Termite Inspections, Treatment and Control

Our team of termite experts has extensive experience in termite control in Sydney.  This has allowed us to cater to specialised local business needs. From inspection to treatment, we provide the best termite solutions. All our treatments, auditing and reporting abide by the Australia Standards 3660.

PSP Services Role

PSP Services provides you with a comprehensive solution to your termite infestation problem.
  • Inspection – thorough ocular and inspection of critical areas and spotted colonies
  • Detection and Reporting — a full written report, and tailor-fit recommendations on the best solution for your business or property
  • Treatment and Monitoring — treatment of critical areas by targeting colony; termite bait stations; barrier treatments, monitoring and regular ongoing inspections