Spiders seem harmless until they overrun your home or happen to be of the poisonous kind. Our team has the experience and expertise to safely rid your home of spider infestation.

PSP Services Spider and Crawling Insect Solutions

Our methods and strategies are proven to be effective and environmentally sustainable. All chemicals and technologies we use are 100% safe and environmentally friend

The PSP Services team makes use of several strategies to capture and put spider colonies to a halt. These unassuming pests can start small but grow to be big problems. We help you take care of spider infestation, big or small.

PSP Services Role

We work hard to rid your home of unwanted spider infestation. Trust that we only utilise tried-and-tested up-to-day spider colony control techniques.

  • Thorough site inspection – determine the level of spider and other crawling insect infestation and locate their homes
  • Detection, treatment and control Insecticide treatment of critical areas – control infestation through treatment; provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  • Insect detectors – provide continuous ongoing monitoring for spider infestation