PSP Services has the know-how and experience to help you control and prevent carpet beetle infestations. Carpet beetles are destructive pests that multiply fast. They are best dealt with early on.

PSP Services Carpet Beetle and Crawling Insect Solutions

We implore you to do your part in maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of your property.

The PSP Service team recommends several courses of pest control when you want to rid your location of carpet beetles. We start with an assessment of the severity and locations of infestation. This helps us determine the risks and potential damages; and points to our best course of action. This does not end with treatment. PSP Service will monitor your location over a period of time to guarantee that you’re carpet beetle free.

PSP Services Role

Thorough site inspection – determination of the level of carpet beetle and other crawling insect infestation and location their harbourages

When you do your part, we increase our pest control solution’s effectiveness tenfold!

Insect detectors – provide ongoing monitoring for cockroach infestation

Detection, treatment and control Insecticide treatment of critical areas – control infestation through treatment; provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep