Possum’s living in the walls and roof of homes are noisy and can also draw rats into your home. Removing them is not as simple as trapping and relocating them however and requires a thorough understanding of possum behavior.

What’s Wrong with Possum Traps?

Possums traps are not safe for possums. Once a possums is caught in the trap, it panics and try’s to force its way out of the cage. This causes major damage to possum from bashing up against the wire of the cage. Specifically, we see a lot of injured possums suffering “trap nose” where the possums delicate nose is severely damaged.

What’s the Alternative?

PSP Services utilises blocking and one way gates to remove possums from homes. Blocking involves blocking the possums entry point once the possum has left to forage for food for an evening. One way gates allow the possums to pass through in one direction, but stop the possum from returning again.

Where to Then?

Entirely removing a possum from your property is fraught with danger for both the possum and you. Displaced possums will cover great distances to return to their home, usually resulting in the possum being hit by a car. Removing a possum also results in an influx of other possums looking to claim the territory. Relocating possums is both inhumane and illegal and can result in fines of up to $5000.

The best result for all concerned is always gained by providing the possum with a suitable living area outside your home, but still on your property. PSP Services recommends the installation of possum boxes in existing trees on your land to give the possum suitable shelter outside your home.